Mission & Vision

For the Health & Happiness of Life
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NBI Biosciences is a biotech innovator focussed on chronic diseases that normally defy a cure causing ever increasing, side-effects and mortality if left untreated. Currently, we work in the specialist areas of Neuro, Cardiovascular health, Lung conditions, Targeted Drug Delivery and Novel Therapeutics.

The therapeutic nature of these active molecules are at par with modern synthetic drugs, with the added advantage that they have NO proven side effects. Giving equal focus to both physical and mental health, NBI brings to the medical world several first-of-its-kind health solutions and technologies. With in-depth knowledge at every step of development, from Crop to Clinic, NBI engages with the best minds in each field to ensure highest quality, globally acceptable, safe plant extracts which can address health issues that cripple several humans. NBI has patented its formulations and technologies, due to their unique and novel approach and applications. Treading on a path to offer highest quality medicine with NO side effects, NBI is in constant search of therapies for the betterment of humanity.

Our focus and mission for Chronic diseases further our vision of “for the health and happiness of life”.  Both the mission and vision together create a long-term specialist focus given the areas that suffer from Chronic diseases.