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Why Natural Sources?

There is a constant need to innovate drugs to combat and address health challenges that the modern world faces. Therapeutic agents may be synthetic or isolated from natural sources. Over the last few decades, only a handful of success stories can be attributed to synthetic drugs. Owing to their failure in efficacy or more frequently due to adverse side effects, there has been limited success.

This has led to the search for natural sources of active drugs that have not only established their targeted biological activity, but have no proven side effects. At NBI, critical attention is paid to each step of developing and delivering potent active molecules from natural sources. The most important parts of drug development from natural sources starting from sourcing of high quality and sustainable raw materials, identification and establishment of activity of molecules, efficient and economical process to standardize natural extracts and formulating them using novel and innovative technologies.

Drugs from natural sources have revolutionized medicine in the past and continue to do so. Giving utmost attention to safety of patients, natural products are the only solution to modern day health challenges. Establishing efficacy though in vitro & in vivo models, followed by clinical trials using modern techniques to prove efficacy.

Advantages of Natural Drug Sources

Structural Diversity & Novelty
Targeted Receptor Binding for Maximum Efficacy
Generally Acceptable & Safe to Consume

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