A critical change is afoot whereby globally, people are switching from synthesized chemicals to natural ingredients. NBI plans to harness this shift by utilizing the global natural biodiversity, of which ~10% is present in India. Our teams of scientists, board members, IPR attorneys and other advisors have come together to drive a singular vision to develop products with exceptional therapeutic benefits and minimized negative side-effects.

Our work builds a network of a manufacturing community, policy evangelism, multi-country orientation and a strategy that sees the entire world’s population as potential users of our products. We deploy a long-term strategy, forecasting the market at least 10 years ahead and thus our products remain confidential. Please contact us for additional details.

The next phase at NBI is exciting as we await the upcoming release of at least three new patents and are in process of developing more patents for the next 10 year period. Our vision of health and happiness for all, highlights the exciting differences in the physiology, age, and fitness of our customers and this simplicity remains a leading force in our thinking.

Management at NBI

Atul Kumar

Managing Director

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Atul began his career in financial services for over 10 years with Citibank and GE Capital. Thereafter, Atul joined Amrop as its founder. He sets himself apart by his obvious passion for building businesses, creative problem solving and for bringing innovative approaches to his work. In July of 2018, he began work on his third start-up in the area of health, which brought together science, biodiversity, business strategy that leverages skills of partners to create an exceptional platform for growth.

Anjali Kumar

Board Director

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Anjali is a Board Director with the NBI Group. She manages the US Investments and the commercial and economic strategy at NBI. She has an undergraduate degree in Economics and is currently pursuing a CFA certification. She has work experience in financial and commercial economic consulting in the US and in India.

Manisha Jha

Board Director


Manisha is a financial advisor for NBI. She has over 18 years of experience in the family office industry and Investment Advisory services. She has helped set up multiple family offices and is skilled in banking, asset management, equities, capital markets and corporate governance related to it.

Puneet Rathsharma

Counsel and Policy Advisor


Puneet advises companies, boards of directors, public policy offices of Member of Parliaments and financial institutions on a wide range of commercial, corporate matters and policy issues. Puneet was previously a senior associate at a top tier Indian law Firm.

Adheesh Nargolkar

IPR Counsel, NBI

Partner, Intellectual Property
Khaitan and Co


IPR attorney

With a history of over 100 years, 1000 people and over 170 partners, Khaitan & Co. manages the intellectual property at NBI Biosciences. Investors wanting to know details relating to the IP held by NBI Biosciences may get in touch our IPR attorney.

Strategy of Partnerships


As part of the Council of Scientific & Industrial Research (CSIR), CFTRI is a leading laboratory that specializes in food. The Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), between NBI and CFTRI, allows both entities to leverage skills from the partnership and create a program of exceptional thinking.


The MOU between NBI and NIPER has kickstarted the pursuit of a new scientific endeavor in three areas of – neuroscience, lungs and drug delivery. Over the last year of this program a new science has emerged from the partnership and collaboration of innovation scientists at NBI and segment experts at NIPER.

Himachal Pradesh University

The MOU between NBI and HPU establishes a path for innovation in the biodiversity sector. Experts from both partners are engaged in creating new technologies of manufacturing and aiding in regeneration of certain plant species from the wild.

Spiral Innovation Methodology

The spiral methodology is a multi-faceted program that breaks down silos and respects the wider abilities of people. This thinking goes into every function, role at NBI Biosciences.

It guides teamwork, time needed to achieve each goal, creating powerful working together relationships.

The methodology finds use alongside our partner entities and their people.

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