Our focus on addressing world populations together, creates complexity and opportunity. We need to think about not just a global price, but also what some of the developing nations may be able to pay. People’s habits in food and lifestyle are shifting from traditional ideas to improved health. Animal and pet health has gained more traction and we expect this to become another focus area at NBI.

Strategy at NBI

The vision for the health and happiness of life

Low-cost strategy to invest in innovation

Conserving Cash, Focus on Growth and Exit Plans for Investors

Spiral innovation drives rapid patenting

Rapid Patenting, Distinctive Products, Patent Sellouts

The vision for the health and happiness of life

Partnerships deliver teams of subject matter experts

NBI retains full patent ownership

Target global monetization and revenues

Global Markets, Entry Plan, Marketing Channels

Leveraging national policy as a business advantage

Government Policy, Communities, Financial Profit, Partnerships

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