We are positioned at the crossroads of biodiversity and the therapeutic benefits that patients seek. With the variety of industries we target, a natural and long runway is set in place for NBI Biosciences. The world has changed from individual action to a collaborative mindset and NBI excels in creating key partnerships with subject matter experts to work in unity with our innovation scientists.

Plant Actives

NBI Biosciences specializes in using, discovering and developing plant actives, which form the fundamental platform of our work. Every day, we work towards profitable extractions and the combinative power of molecule groups, to develop health offerings for patients in areas such as chronic illnesses.

Drug Delivery

NBI Biosciences develops specialized drug delivery offerings that are applicable to many different drugs. We are working towards eliminating distressing delivery methods such as intravenous delivery or topical anal delivery required for colon cancer.


Our work focuses on producing new scientific techniques in germination, veganism and women’s health with their different physiology.

Manufacturing Technologies

We support the manufacturing community by developing cultivation programs, extraction protocols, specialized tablet development and scaling up of supply chains to reduce risks across countries and regions.

Animal Health

We are beginning to form “innovation teams” that work on the necessary products required for the health of the population of pets. We expect this to emerge as an area of work for NBI Biosciences over the coming years.


The focus at NBI Biosciences brings about fresh thinking, questions traditional beliefs and within the ambit of safety, quality and scientific proof for exceptional new medications for many body organs, such as the brain, lungs and GIT.

Food Additives

Effective nutrition remains the bane of many counties and needs to consider bio–availability to commercially deliver a truly beneficial program.

Health Beverages

This is fast emerging as a commercially viable delivery method for options such as health supplements. NBI Biosciences is working towards using this delivery mechanism for regular use drugs for many ailments. Our new teams are also looking at nano sized particles in this.


Innovation programmes are underway with experts to develop a new line of thinking that goes beyond the goals of beauty and skin health.

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