NBI Biosciences stands at the frontier of drugs, plant actives and food to produce exceptional and distinctive products, across a range of industries. This requires our innovation scientists to work with experts in the areas of neuroscience, lungs, cholesterol disorders, gastro and many other emerging conditions worldwide. We are also witnessing an increasing awareness and concern for mental health that demands new perspectives of scientific thinking. We are committed to producing scientifically proven treatments which ensures that we work alongside physicians and patients to understand what ails them.


Neuro degenerative diseases are rising globally and it is considered by many that this is the new pandemic waiting to hit the world, within this decade. NBI remains keenly aware of these changes and have a portfolio of product ideas in the neuro space that we work upon. Parkinson’s disease leads our work and goes well beyond the delivery of Dopamine across the blood brain barrier. We are working towards improving the efficacy of medication by about 80% and address many other systemic causes associated with Parkinson and other neuro degenerative disorders.

The human lungs have become the focus of discussion and debate since the emergence of the pandemic such as COVID, MERS, SARS, etc. The condition of COPD affects over 225 million patients worldwide and most are forced to live with the condition throughout their lives. We, as innovation scientists, look at this issue not merely to replace the current drugs available globally, but to bring a completely new thinking of a curative nature, which will provide succor to those who suffer.
India suffers with iron deficiency, particularly in the female population. The bioavailability of iron is low and the attempts to improve that have proven to be partially beneficial. However, side-effects of iron therapy can cause significant discomfort, forcing many to drop this medication. NBI’s innovation is looking at the possibility of developing and delivering plant-based alternatives, even when we know that iron from plants cannot be profitably sourced.
While developing new drugs is important, it remains equally critical to also focus on developing modern delivery methods that works for specific areas of the human body. NBI’s R&D focusses on delivering the drug molecule at the target site such as GIT, brain, lungs, in order to provide maximum relief to patients and brings about a dramatic change in the way many medicines are currently administered.
Today, heart disease remains the #1 killer worldwide, along with the many co-morbidities, such as hypertension. At the core lies the culprit of lipids, which cause a range of difficulties such as plaque buildup, leading to clogged arteries, reduction in important constituents such as Vitamin D3 with the use of current medication, while causing discomfort to individuals who stop taking the medication because of these concerns. NBI is working towards solving lipid related disorders and also focusing on ways to remove the side effects of existing medications.

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